Size does not matte.
Small is beautiful.

So are all the small brands happy to be small? They say "niche" or "Indie". In short: still small.

A day-to-day approach, in the utmost authenticity. Achievements step by step, faithful to a commitment for a better world, a garage or a loft, executives wearing Stan Smith, or not, the smile motivated by each micro victory and disruptive ideas.

In each entrepreneur lives a dream but above all a dream, above all.

Personnal storytelling, transparency, freshness and aspiration. These hopeful start ups, who are trying to change the world, in their own way, on a small scale, but with great energy!

Yet it is not always easy.

Small size, often small, small fame that will become large, small sound box for ideas on the giant dream format, ambitious for them but especially for the world, today and tomorrow. And you have to fight.

So, ladies and gentlemen, if you know entrepreneurs, real people, brands that carry projects and concepts that speak to you, who fight every day to advance the debate, create intelligent systems, who sincerely want to make their contribution to the building, a creative and constructive added value, so act at your level: buy them! Yes. Finally, to be supported is great! But to live, as cute as they are, they must also accelerate. Get them off the ground!

So do not applaud their courage to change your mind in front of the shelves, caught up in the shepherd spirit that everyone could carry in him. Love them is supporting them. And for that, since there is no Love but only acts of love, buy them, consume them, boost them, encourage them, talk about them, praise their approach, their merits, their products.

Every drop carries them like an ocean to the eyes of the road ahead.

But the hope remains great because everyone knows that "Small streams make big rivers. "

Tomorrow will be river ... a river for a greener valley and great spaces for great minds and beautiful stories.