We often want to moisturize our skin properly to forget the tugging and all the discomfort of dry skin. We accumulate layers of moisturizing cream on our skin to recover a soft complexion. But could you have forgotten to hydrate yourself from the inside? And yes, to have a good elasticity as well as good general health, the skin also needs water. In order to have good health, it is advisable to drink about 2 to 3 liters of water a day. This may seem a lot to you, but for a body that is 60% made of water, it's pretty normal. It is therefore necessary to drink it, but the way we drink it is also an important element not to neglect. Yes, we know that drinking water all day long is not necessarily easy for you, which is why Noxidoxi is looking into this problem today and gives you tips and tricks to hydrate you at the best of times.

1. The slow drinking

Everything is slow right now, and drinking water did not break the rules! Practicing slow drinking, or drinking slowly throughout the day will be more beneficial to your body than drinking large amounts at once. Drinking fast will not hydrate you more, on the contrary it can contribute to faster dehydration. In fact, the water drank very quickly does not stay in your body and in your body but goes directly to your bladder, and then be evacuated as quickly as it was ingested. So if you want to give your body the opportunity to hydrate properly, drink your water little by little like a good wine!

2. Focus on hot beverages

Beware of cold drinks, they are not as moisturizing as they seem. Indeed, in Asia as well as in Africa the populations adore and drink more often hot drinks than cold drinks. And for good reason, drinking cold or cold drinks causes your body to produce many toxins and complicates your digestion. Cold water also tends to stress your blood vessels and tissues. On the contrary, opt for warm drinks, they will stimulate your digestion as well as your blood circulation

3. Open your eyes and drink water

It is well known that at night we often sleep 8 or 9 hours in a row. And during this time, no water enters your body. To give your body a boost when you wake up, we advise you to drink ½ liter of water as soon as you open your eyes, preferably on an empty stomach. This will allow you to evacuate the toxins that have accumulated during the night. And if you add lemon juice, you will also boost your digestive system!

4. Dry diet during meals

We all have the habit of drinking water during our meal. This allows us to make "breaks" between each stage of our meal, and helps us ingest food. However, drinking while eating dilutes the digestive enzymes responsible for digesting your meal. This water ingested during your meal will disrupt your digestion. Thus, we advise you to avoid drinking 30 minutes before but also after your meal so that your body can digest at best. You will then have many opportunities during the day to drink and this water is beneficial for your body!

And if you want to moisturize your skin properly from the outside in addition to the liters of water you drink, at Noxidoxi we have the solution. Our detox cure is here to give your skin an intense hydration bath while restructuring and protecting it.