Winter is finally gone and this marks the end of dry chapped lips and especially the end of the tugging lips. Of course, we recommend you to not stop taking care of them, this is how you will have the best smile ever!

With spring’s arrival colors are back and you girl want to have the best lips for the most beautiful smile ever. So you may be wondering how to give a fresh boost to your lips to be able to best apply your lipstick or spring gloss? Do not move, Noxidoxi explains how to take care of your lips at best post-winter and exposes you the makeup trends of this spring-summer 2018!

Step 1: Some tips to find healthy lips

Well hydrated lips: it's the essential
For lips well hydrated, the inevitable use of lip balm is recommended! Apply several times a day throughout the day, it will help you regain the flexibility and softness of your damaged lips.
Always moisturize your lips at least twice a day: in the evening before going to bed and in the morning before putting make-up on. 

Plumped lips for an effect Wow!
In order to have the full volume of your lips back and give them a real "WAOUH" effect, massages are essential. Indeed, massaging your lips will reactivate the micro-circulation and your lips will find all the volume that previously disappeared! As Noxidoxi likes to simplify your life, you can find a massaging applicator on his 3-in-1 lip care pen to simplify this step.
In order to plump them up, in addition to massages, you can also practice facial gymnastics: it will strengthen your lips and prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A scrub for unparalleled softness
One of the important points for all women: to ensure the softness of her lips. And for that we advise you to apply an exfoliating scrub once a week to get rid of all the dead skin that can accumulate on the surface of your lips. Yes, your lips are like your skin and dead cells accumulate if you do not take care of them, and that's why the scrub is so important. It will at the same time stimulate the regeneration of your cells for healthy lips ready to radiate beauty for this spring!

Step 2: Beautiful lips, it is also a beautiful makeup. The 2018 trends are here!

As a real weapon of seduction, the makeup of your lips is not to be taken lightly. Well-made lips will always have their effect and will always finish your best outfits. So with Noxidoxi, we make a little focus on the trends of this spring-summer 2018, and this year, the colors are in the spotlight! Follow us, we go around!

The fuchsia pink
This rather garish color agrees with many different tones: cold or hot, everything goes with it just dare! The fuchsia will be very flattering and will go perfectly to all the colors of hair and skin. The pink is trendy this year, so when you go out your little flower skirts, give your lips with a sparkling fuchsia!

Bright red
It is the inevitable and timeless. The red lipstick knows how to dress your lips and endow them with an unequaled elegance. A red mouth will always be better with a complexion and eyes made up in a nude and sober way. So everyone in a natural way with pretty red lips, this will undoubtedly its effect!

Nude colors
There’s something for everyone, and not everyone will dare to wear flashy colors like red or pink. But do not panic, for you ladies, the nude colors are still in the trend and more than ever this spring. With these more discreet colors you can however dare more assertive eyes with smoky-eyes for example.

Matt red
Even if the glossy undeniably has its effect every time, in this spring you will not be able to miss the matte red finish. It will give this chic effect while keeping it quite discreet and natural. This matte red finish will be suitable for a little more nude makeup, but you can still dare a more elaborate makeup since the matte finish will make your mouth more "natural".

The gloss always trendy!
And for the return of fresh and radiant look, nothing better than using a shiny gloss to give a boost to our face. Today, with new formulas developed you can even find a very light gloss, fluid and that do not stick. No more constraints so adopt a glossy makeup!

And for the care of your lips, Noxidoxi has developed the best product that brings together all the needs to moisturize, plump and protect your lips. With the 3-in-1 lip care, combine in one product the 3 essential steps to find perfect lips: moisturize, plump and protect your lips in all circumstances. Do not hesitate and adopt this weapon 100% detox and 100% antipollution!