March ! Just to pronounce its name the flowers, the sun, the dresses and the sandals invade our spirit and we already seem to smell multiple sweet and varied flavors!

So ok, it is the month of ballads and terraces, but it is also the return of pollen allergies or the first heat announcing a more aggressive pollution ...

Ozone, a "secondary" pollutant, is the result of chemical reactions in the presence of the sun and low or no wind. Pollutants + nitrogen oxides (NOx) or hydrocarbons and volatile solvents react on sunny days when the temperature rises to foul even more lungs and pores of the skin.

So we will have to act again. Yes, antipollution is a global action. A cause in itself. Noxidoxi keeps repeating it. What is the use of protecting one's skin if one does not change its way of living and consuming in depth, individually and then collectively? So, for March, here are 3 ideas to think about!

MARCH 8? It's International Women's Day! So, as beauty is still our core business and our primary mission, reload your bathroom with your best beauty antipollution friends. Noxidoxi offers to all women -20% on its range during 24 hours to begin these 31 days with a detoxified skin and a radiant complexion!

MARCH 20: Well, it's already SPRING! So we think about the planet and the beauties it offers us. We buy seasonal fruits and vegetables and we focus on renewable resources as much as we can. We are interested in the transition to the HOP association, "Stop obsolescence programmed", just like the latest innovations that change the world: everyday objects (pregnant Kataposte or laundering machine!) Like the activities ultra trends like swedish plogging, jogging and garbage collection for a healthier and more beautiful world! 1, 2! 1,2!

22 MARCH: WORLD WATER DAY, resource threatened tomorrow. What about peeing in the shower? What why ? That would save 26 Olympic swimming pools a year. Truthful! It is meaningful, no? Such a small gesture on a daily basis, for such a big destiny. We let you think!

And on this very glamorous note, you are told: HAPPY MARCH ! We are preparing more articles detox and beauty than ever because, we admit, NOx or pollen, March remains one of our favorite months! So, GO, and ENJOY full pot!