What is the souping?
We are still in winter, and the trend of this season is the souping. Before returning to salads at the arrival of spring, let's focus on this detox cure that could help us eliminate toxins from our body while keeping a certain pleasure. The souping ... you will probably have guessed, but this concept comes from the word "soup". It is obviously a detox cure based on soup. A soup, more soup, always soup while varying the recipes of course, this dish will be your main food throughout your cure and it will help you to detoxify your body in the best way.

What are its benefits?
The souping will bring you many more positive effects than you might think. Beyond just warming you up, the souping rests your digestive system and will be your best ally to eliminate toxins from your body, and it will also purify it! A small bonus with all this, it will reduce your stress!

But in a concrete way, what does it bring us?
First of all, this meal is the ideal meal for dinner. Indeed, having a low energy intake but promoting the feeling of satiety, soup will be your ally for a light meal in the evening before going to bed. However, it is a dish very rich in fiber and nutrients. It will bring to your body all the elements necessary for its proper functioning such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and the important presence of fiber will help your intestinal transit. This famous soup will also help you hydrate your body properly. By drinking a bowl of soup, it is an average 300mL of water that you ingest, water that will undeniably help you drain your body and thus help you get rid of the many toxins. In addition, this water will help you maintain (or regain) the elasticity of your skin. Finally, if this soup contains seeds that are excellent sources of magnesium, it will help you fight against fatigue!

How should I do it?
The souping, like any detox cure, should be done carefully. As explained above, these dishes do not have real energetic contributions and it is for this reason that a cure of this type must be performed in periods of low activity. In order not to hurt your body and not suffer from deficiencies, it should not last more than 5 days. Of course, industrial soups are to be banned from this diet. Ladies, for an effective cure of souping it will be necessary to go shopping and to buy exclusively fresh vegetables! And if you have a lack of inspiration and if you do not know which recipe to adopt, here are 3 that could strongly seduce you!

400 g fresh spinach; 1 onion ; 50 cl of vegetable broth; 1 C. soup of soy cream; olive oil ; Salt & pepper

Recipe for about 4 people
As easy as it looks! Peel and chop an onion and fry it for 2 minutes in a casserole dish with olive oil. Add the spinach and let heat 3 min stirring well. Then pour the vegetable broth. Cook for 15 minutes over low heat and add the soy cream. Salt, pepper, mix and enjoy!

1 apple; 1 celery stalk; 1 shallot; 400 g pumpkin; Vegetables soup ; Citronella; Olive oil ; Salt pepper

Recipe for about 6 people
In a saucepan, brown the previously sliced apple, celery and shallot in olive oil. Add cubed pumpkin and cover with hot broth. Bake for 15 minutes then mix. To season your soup and give it a boost, put grated lemongrass when serving!

1 onion ; 1 clove of garlic; 4 cubes of chicken broth; 600 g carrots; 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme crumbled; 4 c. plain yoghurt 0%; 1 C. chopped dill; Salt pepper

Recipe for about 4 people
Peel and chop a clove of garlic and an onion and fry it for 5 minutes in a saucepan with a tablespoon of water. Carrots turn to the pan: peel them and cut into cubes. Add 1L of hot water and the chicken broth to the pot, bring to a boil and add your carrots and dried thyme. Let it simmer for 40 minutes without covering then mix, salt and pepper. For a nice decoration and a touch of dill, put the yoghurt and chopped dill on the top of your bowl!

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