Efficacy & Innovation

It goes without saying that Noxidoxi complies with all validation phases prior to launching our products, as well as dermatological and bacteriological tests required for all European distribution authorisations. But one way in which we truly stand out among medium-sized cosmetics start-ups, is that we've carved out a much bigger R&D budget to carry out clinical trials that prove just how effective we are: we don't stop at the basic user tests that all companies run, where users are asked to provide their subjective opinions after application. No, we're talking real clinical trials and tests in independent laboratories, instrumental measurement tests to assess all the results obtained from our formulas in %, millimetres, graphs and degrees, in order to give our final formulas the green light while ensuring you get the very best results available on the market for each targeted sign.

Throughout our research and because of our passion for bringing you more through innovation, we've registered two major patents since we started, creating two real revolutions in the cosmetics industry (systemic process to restructure the cutaneous barrier related to pollution-based factors, and the world's first cross-linked instantaneous gel patch with ions and algae in 2017).

Irrespective of how big or small you are, you can accomplish a lot and aim for the top. And that's how we intend to grow: through what we do, and not just what we say or claim. Our products, our ideas and our amazing innovations, our constant striving to create the product that will make all the difference, to support you in your everyday lives, to be the best: all this spurs us on and drives the brand, and science, ever forward. "Small Steps to Big Things".

Naturalness & Authenticity

As we said in our introduction, we're extremely vigilant when it comes to what we put in our formulas. Our goal is to create optimal combinations that provide a perfect blend of efficiency, safety and authenticity.
All the decisions and choices we make are based on a balance between these three principles. To do so, we've elected to create products that contain a minimum of 90% naturally-sourced ingredients. Natural extracts, organic (thus better absorbed) hyaluronic acid, active ingredients with solid natural credentials (pomegranate, artichoke, seaweed) sourced from non-endangered plant species - we adopt a common-sense, holistic approach, focused on well-being, in the spirit of healthy living and improving the world around us together. The result? Formulas with meaning, and formulas that always work.

Safety & quality requirements

Noxidoxi 100% Antipollution, 100% Détox, 100% French

Noxidoxi is a 100% French brand that uses 100% French factories, primarily working with 100% French partners: laboratories, factories, active ingredients and packaging. We are passionate about giving you full traceability. We leave nothing to chance, and each product filed for patent in Europe meets the highest of cosmetic standards.

And we push things that little bit further, too: we ask our formulators to comply with what's known in the industry as the international black-list. In other words, if a product, ingredient or any element at all is questionable, we talk to experts to get their opinions and see whether we need to adapt our formulas. We don't give in to marketing pressures and vague debate to embrace political correctness, and we always look closely at weighing up the best option for your health and the best option for effectiveness to combine the two! Armed with the right, objective information, our formulas will always provide total product safety and optimum effectiveness.

Made in France: our know how & experts network

Our beauty brand is flying the tricolour flag!

We chose to keep things local for practical purposes (why look further afield when we have everything to hand?), for reasons of quality (what better gauge of quality than a product ""Made in France""?) and for an eco-friendly, low carbon footprint profile (do we really need to ship things halfway around the world, just to save the odd cent?). »).

With this in mind, we use expert professionals and facilities around France in putting together our formulas and products, from the ""Cosmetic Valley"" near Chartres to Normandy and Brittany. These partners have been with us since the very beginning. We liked working with them, and we still like working with them to build relationships based on trust and accountability. The same goes for the vast majority of our packaging, which is made, moulded, and printed in France.

Even our active ingredients are primarily sourced at the Cosmétagora trade fair in Paris, where research and development in scientific innovation companies gather every year. We prioritise teams and active ingredients where plant-based, natural-origin extracts are sourced locally and monitored here in France for maximum safety and effectiveness for our products - and in your cells, as a result.

We even took the local approach by expanding our network in the Aquitaine region, and even Bordeaux, where all our packaging, marketing materials and printing is done. There's so much goodwill and talent right on our doorstep. It would be silly to miss out. All of this helps keep the economy going, and is our contribution to positive social and community relationships.

This network of partners is one of the pillars of our know-how, and a promise that we make to you. Together, we form a supportive team with ties that exist above and beyond our products, because we all share the same philosophy of partnership aimed at providing quality.