Today, we want to talk about a beauty essential to absolutely have on hand in your bathroom. Which woman has never dreamed of having the gentle cleanser that is also moisturizing and, left overnight, would have a real detoxifying effect that would make your skin softer than ever? Your dream can come true with our detox cleanser Noxidoxi! You do not know THE perfect formula for your skin yet, and you do not know the benefits of certain elements? We tell you and explain everything right now!

But what is it made of? What are his assets used for?

Very rich in oils, the detox cleanser and make-up remover has a really oily texture that could intrigue more than one. This texture has been specially developed for the well-being of your skin, and we tell you why!

Its extra virgin olive oil, which is a real fatty substance, helps you get rid of all the particles that have stuck to your skin during the day. Without this oily texture you could not get rid of these particles that are themselves very sticky. In addition of the cleansing function, this fabulous olive oil will also have a super moisturizing role for your skin that has been attacked all day by external factors. Perfect cleaning and make-up removal assured!

In addition to olive oil, your skin will receive all the sweetness of sweet almond oil. After being attacked all day and covered with makeup, you will probably feel small tugging or discomfort on your skin. This is where the sweet almond oil comes to the rescue: known for its soothing virtues, it will calm the fire that comes alive on your skin and give it a real feeling of sweetness. And as a bonus, it will give a non-greasy effect on your skin after its application.

Finally, the last asset present in this fabulous cleanser is the vitamin C. With a high concentration of this vitamin, it will be a real antioxidant for your skin and will help neutralize the free radicals that attack it: this is where or the adjective “detox” makes sense. Finally, in addition to being a real antioxidant, the vitamin C is also a powerful anti-aging since it protects the cells of your body from aging ... and therefore from skin aging.

The detox cleanser is also suitable for greasy skin!

This cleanser has definitely only good points, and now we tell you why it is suitable for all skin types.

Your skin is constantly attacked by the external elements. To protect itself, it will produce the famous sebum that will make your skin shiny. It will give this greasy effect, not to bother you but to protect you from aggressions, microbes and also dryness. This sebum performs a barrier action to ensure your skin certain impermeability. However, you hate its fat effect, and you do everything to change this by using cleansing water that will dry your skin. But it's a fatal mistake: the more you dry your skin, the more your body will create sebum to fight against this dryness ... and it is here that begins the vicious circle of oily skin.

To help your skin and make it feel better and to regulate the production of sebum, using an oily make up remover and cleanser is THE solution. Your skin will be hydrated and not attacked anymore, your body will then regulate the production of sebum at a normal rate, and you will never have oily skin ever again because of overproduction of sebum. Your skin will be well cleaned, well hydrated and non-greasy.

Of course, the application of an oily substance is also suitable for dry skin as well as for combination skin since it nourishes and moisturizes your skin deeply.

Now that you know everything about this fabulous cleanser and the use of a greasy product on your skin, you have no reason not to be seduced by Noxidoxi's Detox Cleansing Cleanser. You can even find it in the duo Clean & Glow alongside the scrub and mask for deeply cleansed skin, or in our trio detox cure Noxidoxi. To learn more, click here!