Do not confuse Pleasure and Happiness, such is the conclusion of the unpretentious book "Happiness without illusions" (Malene Rydhal).

Have you ever come out of a great party, vacation, where all the best attentions were gathered and tell yourself: "Oh if only I was rich and / or famous, my life would be so simple (and enjoyable!)”. Nevertheless, if you win the Lotto tomorrow or if you get put under spots, it would not change the person you are. Neither your education, your past, your story, your personality, nor the values you carry within yourself.

You could maybe increase the number of PLEASURES: holidays, parties, shopping! But the question is: would that really make you HAPPIER? Probably not. It would be confusing the PLEASURE you have from privileged, exceptional, shared or not, MOMENTS with HAPPINESS which is a STATE of mind and a well-being that does not disappear in the early morning or when the music goes out.

We should all work on building that happiness that exists only through our actions. We should work on building ourselves in line with what affects us the most. In line with what brings us serenity and appeasement a in a lasting way. Feel full of that HAPPY feeling every time you go to bed, and start a new day.

This is why Noxidoxi decided to become a more ENGAGED brand in 2018. What does that mean? Exhibit, explain, defend and animate this fight which is at the very heart of our DNA: the ENVIRONMENT, our PLANET and the WELL-BEING of people. We carry the pleasure thanks to our cocooning care and our protocols which take care of you, of your skin and sometimes of your mind! It's good to take care of yourself! You must do it! But our desire is to go further. Probably stronger too. Partnerships, actions, support to associations, pedagogy, dedicated brand content...

Since 2018 arrived, our social networks testify our desire to show more and more on how and why we commit ourselves so much in ANTIPOLLUTION. Tomorrow will be the day we will be able to awaken consciousness and move the lines. From Beauty to Environmental and Social Consciousness there is only one step? Let's do it together!