After the holiday season, we could easily explain you how to purify your body or how to start a detox cure to get rid of all the excess of this past month. But no, not this time! Today, for this New Year 2018 we want to talk about 3 foods that can be complementary to your regular diet, and which will be the trendy foods in 2018. They will be real allies for your health. Surprising and far from being present in your actual daily diet, they might be able to boost your recipes but also your body!

1. Say by to honey, here comes the POLLEN

A real detox product, but don’t panic we are not going to make you eat the pollen that makes you sneeze at spring time. The one we are talking about right now is way less allergen. Harvested by bees, you can find it under the shape of small golden balls. Considered today as a super-nutrient, it is rich in antioxidants. This pollen appears now in our dishes and plates, and it is today coveted for its nutrients but also for its trace elements that makes it a real ally for your health.
Surprise surprise! The pollen has many more and here is one: its antioxidant value is way more important than in fruits and vegetable. 15 to 20g of pollen is equal to 900g of vegetable. Incredible, right?
One last surprise: depending on the “tree” it comes from, the pollen owns different virtues. For example, the pollen from the cyst is well known for its ability to boost the immunity system and to reduce tiredness, pollen from the willow protects your retina and finally the pollen from chestnuts tree will help you fight against stress and owns real antioxidant virtues. Those are only 3 examples, but we let you imagine the diversity of this pollen, you will sure find one that fits to your needs.
To end this part on the pollen in the best way, it is important that this nutriment has a real impact on your beauty: when you eat it on a regular basis, your skin becomes healthier as well as your nails and hair!
BE CAREFUL: It is important to take some precautions! It is important to not eat pollen if you are allergic to it. Moreover, pollen can also interfere with some treatments if you do have one. Make sure to have a medical approval before eating some.

2. The active coal: a real booster for your organism

Its color black can surprise of frighten some of you. But this coal owns several virtues that are good for your organism. After Christmas and New Year season, it might be interesting to know the benefits to maybe include it in an after-holidays diet.
But what is the super power of this active coal? This black powder is capable of helping our body to get rid of numerous poisons that are harmful such as heavy metals, pesticides, food additives or even viruses. In the actual ecosystem, we can say that a regular consumption of coal could help us fight against some dangerous elements that are present in our body.
But how should we eat it?
If you want to eat it on a daily basis, we advise you to only consume 1g per day. But you can also make a cure of coal, after the holidays for example. In this case, you have to take one spoon per day (it represent 5 grams) during 2 weeks.
BE CAREFUL: Starting from 8grams per day, the consumption of this coal can have undesired effect and it can cancel the effect of some medication. Do not go over 8 grams per day and take your coal 3 hours before or after your pills or medication.

3. 2018 super heroes are super powders!

Each powder has it owns virtues. He selected 3 of them that we considered the best for a body in good health. In your fruits salad, smoothies or even in your dishes, here are many ideas to put this powder in your daily routine.

ACAI: an antioxidant that we want in our daily routine
Acai powder, made from the acai berry has many benefits. This fruits has an incredible concentration in antioxidants, more important than blueberry or pomegranate and this is proved by the ORAC ranking (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity). It is also rich in calcium, iron, vitamins of all types and omega 6 and 9. This powder will surely strengthen your organism. This powder has a delicious taste and can easily garnish your dishes: one teaspoon per day can be incorporated in all preparations.

NOPAL: perfect to burn fat after Christmas and New Year
But what is the Nopal? You can find it in nature under the shape of a cactus. It owns an important quantity of fibers and has the power to calm your gastric pain. Its fibers also have the capacity to regulate the sugar rate and to eliminate fat and toxins that are present in your leaver. It also contains antioxidants and this will help you fight against free radicals. But how should you eat this nopal powder? You can mix it with a liquid: it will give you a thick and green texture. It is preferable to consume it 3 times per day on the basis of 1 teaspoon. You can also incorporate it in you dessert or smoothie or anything you want, everything is possible!

BAOBAB: a real booster for your organism
We all know this famous african tree, but here we will talk about its fruit. While it is still quite unknown in Europe, this fruit has many virtues that could help our body to go through winter. It contains 6 times more vitamins 6 than an orange, 6 times more potassium than a banana, and twice more calcium than milk. It seems that the baobab could be THE fruit that could bring us everything we need in once. But it does not stop here! This fruit has also antioxidant properties that are 7 times more important than pomegranate. This could be the perfect ally for an efficient detox cure! By consuming baobab powder, you will guarantee a booster effect to your body and this will help you fight against tiredness. Sold in bio shops, this could bring some fun in your yogurts and smoothies.
Nevertheless be careful: because of its high concentration in fibers, it is important to eat it with moderation.

Here are some foods that are unusual but which can become your real detox allies in 2018. And if you want more, and that you want to take care of your skin in the best way possible, you can try antipollution and detox beauty products: repair, hydrate and protect! Do it easily with the Noxidoxi range of products than you can find on the e-shop.