One thing is for sure : neither the freezing temperatures nor the beginning of the year - whose caring slowness leaves us time to resume our efforts with great serenity - will motivate us to outdoor activities. It was the ideal time to discover the hygge.

The what ? The hygge ! (pronounce "houga"). "A way - from Danish origin - to give a special context, spirit and warmth, to something banal in order to make it extraordinary" ("HYGGE", Louisa Thomsen Brits). In a nutshell : happiness, pure and authentic. A way to reconnect ourselves at the time of digital detox, in a quest for more balance, for quality over quantity, and for appreciating the present moment above all, in full awareness. The Slow cosmetic would fit perfectly into this movement, and here at Noxidoxi, this philosophy is dear to us.

The essential in a genuinely committed way, concentrates combining research, work, and quality, and also care, imperatively targeted and in the service of the present, creating long-term value. And always for a simple and beneficial pleasure. Through such movements that call for common sense, harmony and daily well-being, we watch the world change in a gently way , confident in the future. May we build it together.

Welcome "hygge".