We live in a society that aspires to get better. Over the past three years, WELL-BEING has been at the heart of concerns, a trend based on a simple will: a return to a more POSITIVE, more mastered, more GENUINE existence. Sincere also. Only, to build its daily life under the sign of authenticity rests on a reflective and global art of living.

As early as 2011, I had to face a PARADOX: how is it, that in a time when so many solutions have been created to make contemporary life healthier and more balanced in so many areas, the universe of beauty fails to come up with CONCRETE answers to PROTECT THE SKIN of women in the modern world? When it is known that in urban areas, our skin is subjected to innumerable SPECIFIC aggressions against which t is absolutely not adapted to defend itself, why does nobody act accordingly?

It is following this evidence (and thanks to much research) that I decided to create NOXIDOXI: a USEFUL and INTUITIVE brand, perfect partner of women who wish to live in this urban environment - that they chose and that they love - without having to suffer the negative and visible impacts. MODERNIZING ITS APPROACH TO BEAUTY, to finally bring the expert care and innovations dedicated to the real needs of our skin: this is the promise of Noxidoxi through its antipollution range and the targeted triptych: "DETOX, CARE, & PROTECTION ”.

For a more RADIANT skin today, and better PROTECTED tomorrow. As simple as that. #reloadyourskin #theglowlife #pollutiondetox "