Happy New Year … blablabla… success… blablabla… good moments… blablabla…

Well, yes, we cannot here extol non-stop authenticity or even sincerity with speeches that are so predictable. At least, so not personalized and so generalists.

So what? What can we REALLY wish you for 2018? To you and only you.

As we do not know each other personally (unfortunately), we wrote some good lines in our Mag to suggest you some reachable and sane resolutions for 2018. 

But deep down inside our hearts… what we would like is for you to ask yourself this question. What do I really want? For myself? (And no you’re wrong ! I’m not going to talk about Lykke !)

Today we need to awaken people’s consciousness because the consumer is ready. Ready to claim its rights, because we went from prevention to curation. You want to be an actor of your destiny and have the power to choose? So it will be necessary that WE, together, citizens, by our actions and our thinking, go look for answers to our questions, brave, even reckless, to change these states of facts, and work by our acts for our health (and beauty belongs to health), and for our serenity. Because anyone, by its daily actions, is and stay an activist. By acting, you feed a specific logic. But you can choose the logic you feed. This is as easy as it sounds. And no excuses can erase this truth. 

We want to be happy? Cool? Just ok? So you have to move on. And start by educating yourself: to know is the beginning of the decision process. Even before (choosing) acting. 

So for you, we read. Watched movies. Talked with people. And we did everything during the few days off that we had.  Next to the fire, it is always easier. And with a sense of humour, on the way to good resolutions, we selected some precious works that you can share without moderation: 

1. Not let yourself getting stuck anymore, you and your children in the conventions and in certain categories: so watch “Being and becoming” by Clara Bellar to think, take a step back and then watch “Given” just for to have the pleasure to dream.

2. Think with you good sense and protect your planet, for today and tomorrow. So absolutely read this very small book called “Manifeste pour une agriculture durable” by Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, supported by the movie “Our children will accuse us” by Jean-Paul Jaud that needs to be seen in family. 

3. And to digest, sort and weight all of this: take time for yourself, alone or with your family, BREATH and listen everyday 10 minutes for a longer and more balanced life, “Calme et attentif comme une grenouille” by Eline Snel.

Quality before quantity.

Some culture and some time, directions, and of course love. Always with a lot of love. Because after all these discussions and debates, it is once more what we found more universal than anything is love.

Happy New Year 2018! And all our best wishes of freedom!