We have all already tried to take good resolutions at each beginning of the year: going back to the gym, going on a diet, losing some weight… But changing its habits is more complicated than what people think, and our bad habits usually come back faster than we would want them to. So this year, get rid of the resolutions that are too hard to stick to, and say hello to beauty resolutions that will be easy to apply in your everyday life. Noxidoxi gives you reachable goals that will give you results within 7 days … and as a big motivation: a beautiful and smooth skin all year long! Here are some resolutions that will make your life way pinker!

#1 You will eat vegetables and drink water … for a hydrated skin.
We all know that our diet and chat we eat has an impact on our skin. So to have a beautiful and hydrated skin back, you will just have to make sure what you eat, and drink, is healthy and has a good impact on your skin.
First of all, for a shiny and hydrated skin, you’ll have to drink water: so less alcohol, water, water, only water. This is the important and basic habit to have to start reaching a glowy skin.
Regarding your diet, it is better to eat vegetables that have leaves: they will help you fill your organism with chlorophyll which will be purifying for your skin. We also advise you to eat red berries because of their high concentration in antioxidants.
Finally, if you want to have both effects (purifying and hydrating) in one, think about eating many fruits and vegetables that are filled with water. This will bring you water and vitamins that are necessary for a great skin all in one shot. All of this will contribute to your collagen production and will guarantee a fresh and dewy skin all year long if you keep it up!

#2 Get rid of toxins … to let your skin breath.
Dehydrated skin, sore skin and inflammations, lack of collagen creation. This is all because of toxins! You want to limit or even get rid of these unpleasant effects? Here is a good reason to start taking resolutions that will change your beauty lifestyle! Tabaco, coffee and refined sugars are full of toxins that are responsible of your skin dehydration, inflammations and your lack of collagen creation. So to let your skin breathe and make it soft and flexible again, you know what you have to do!

#3 You will optimize your nights … for a stronger skin.
An American study showed that sleep has a direct link with our skin health. During the day, you skin plays the role of a real barrier against all type of aggressions, ant during the night this is the time it regenerates to be able to fight again the following day. In fact, studies showed that the epidermis cells division is at its maximum between midnight and 4am. So this is at THIS moment that the skin rebuilds itself. So order to take benefits from this night work and help your skin regenerates, take the good habit to remove your make up before going to bed. Moreover if you want to boost the barrier reconstruction over the night, use some face cream, mask or even serum that are made to be used over the night. And for the day to keep on helping your skin restructure itself, discover the detoxifying products from Noxidoxi!

#4 You will protect yourself from pollution … to keep your beauty at its fullest.
Pollution that we have to face every day has a tendency to aggress and destroy our skin and its metabolism but also to disturb the cells renewal mechanism. Our skin is our only barrier against pollution and particles, and we have to take care of it to keep a really nice skin all year. And to be able to keep it up, it is necessary to take good habits: clean, repair and protect your skin every day. You can find all the steps and some tips in our article right here. You can also decide to act right now and order the Noxidoxi detox cure on our e-shop!

#5 You will persevere and give yourself some time.
We usually say that perseverance and patience are keys to reach success. And this is also true for your skin! In case you don’t already know, you skin renewal happens every 28 days approximately. When you take a new habit or use a new beauty product, you have to wait at least a month before giving it up because “it does not work”. You will see the results after a month of doing it or using. So stopping everything too early would be risking giving up a fabulous product!

See … nothing really hard to keep up, but only easy thing to change some habits without changing your whole life!