A beautiful skin for news year’s eve and christmas, this is the challenge of every woman on earth. We often tell you that it is essential and really important to hydrate your skin to have a nice skin complexion all year long. But if you hydrate a skin that is not fully cleaned, the expected results will not be here! So today, we decided to tell you and give you the important steps for a REAL beautiful skin to start 2018 in the best way possible!

First of all, it is obviously useless to apply tones of beauty products on your skin of you don’t know how everything works. Has someone already told you the story of the skin thickening phenomenon? No? We tell you everything today!

You know this dull skin complexion with imperfections and that is not shiny anymore? We’ve all known this situation one day in our lives. Your skin gets aggressed every day by different things… including OF COURSE pollution! Numerous harmful particles stick to your skin and prevent your skin from doing its cells renewal efficiently. SO your skin cannot be renewed. Your dead cells are sticking to the surface of your skin, and if it is not cleaned, more and more dead cells are staying on the surface: this is what we call the skin thickening phenomenon. Of course, these dead cells do not go away by themselves, and this is when a vicious circle starts. A dully skin, dilated and clogged pores by all the dirty particles that are in the air. 

The skin barrier is deconstructed: dead cells pile up and keep the skin away from being plane and keep it away from being a real barrier for our organism. This is how the chaos starts. We can compare this as thousands of small craters in the skin, the skin barrier cracks: then, important amount of water evaporates and this is the dehydration starting. Particles and aggressions find a way to go deeper to hurt the skin in a more powerful way inside the cells. The aggression is at its maximum. The damages are important and signs of this hurt skin can now appear. In a short way: say hello to a dully skin and to imperfections.  

So you might ask yourself: how can I do to get my dewy skin back?

Before hydrating your skin, and in order to not only hydrate your dead cells, it is necessary to deeply renew your skin. Get rid of this thick layer of particles and dead cells that is a real barrier between your new cells and your skincare product. In order to do this, here is an easy habit that every one car do. Apply a scrub once a week in order to cleanse and clean your skin in depth. You will get rid of this thick layer, and will help your skin revive its normal cells renewal. Then, once you cleaned your skin and once only your new cells are reachable, hydrate and repair your skin with a powerful serum that will help it tighten pores. Here again, it will prevent your skin from having particles getting inside the skin barrier, and will prevent your skin from wrinkles. Finally, hydrate and protect your beautiful new skin with a face cram that will help your fight the external everyday aggressions, and will repair all visible signs of aggressions such as an early ageing skin.

So to be clear: clean, repare and protect your skin. If you take these good habits in your everyday life, your skin will be even more beautiful in a very short amount of time and you will be able to say good bye to a dully skin and to imperfections. You will also have the chance to have a perfect skin for the New Year. And don’t ever forget: it is never too late to start!

And if you don’t know which product to use to do this beauty routine in a daily basis, Noxidoxi has the solution. Detox and antipollution products, you can purchase the detox cure on the e-shop: a cleaning make up remover for every day, a scrub and mask 2 in 1 for once a week, a serum to repair and a face cream to protect your skin. Everything you need to end 2017 and start a new year in the best way possible!

TO GO FURTHER: Don’t forget that NOXIDOXI registered its patent “NEW SKIN” that brings to your skin, every day, with a soft but sufficient quantity, a specific enzymatic complex that avoid the skin thickening phenomenon that is responsible of the dysfunction and of course of all visible damages on the skin. By using our products on a daily basis, you can guarantee to you skin a real balance, detoxifying affect and a restructuration. Your skin will then be able to receive all the care that you chose for it.