Tea! Green, black, white, red … its natural benefits are often known by everyone and those are the reasons why people drink it really often. It limits diabetes risks, keep your teeth in good health, reduces risks of inflammatory diseases, strengthen the immune system, reduces the stress and it is also a real slimming ally. A real best friend for a body in good health and shape!
But tea under all its shape possible can also be a real beauty booster: we can also qualify it as the beauty detox champion! Here comes the time to reveal the different ways to use it to look gorgeous!

It fights the aging signs: say goodbye to wrinkles
Green tea has real anti-oxidant properties, its attacks free radicals that are responsible of the skin aging process. In order to fight this process in the best way possible, and to avoid a fast skin aging phenomenon, here is our small tip. You can either drink a cup of tea every day or use this tea in a different and more local way: let infuse the tea in a cup during 2 to 4 minutes and then let it refresh in order to be able to apply it on your face with a cotton pad.

It gives you a fresh and purified skin
As everyone already knows, tea helps us hydrate our body… and hydrate our skin from inside. This warm drink gives you a fresh and purified skin and helps you getting rid of imperfections. But if you ever have a pimple, don’t panic, we have the solution! Use the tea on your imperfection: moisten a tea bag and then apply it on the pimple and let it all night long. The inflammation will calm down and the pimple will disappear faster.
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It makes your eyes shine: say good bye to dark circles and swollen eyes.
Tannins that are present in tea have a decongestant and calming properties that helps you fight against dark circles and swollen eyes. Today, we give you a solution to fight against these two effects by using tea bags to give your eyes a new fresh look. Moisten two tea bags, black or green (it’s up to you), and then put it in the freezer in order to multiply its decongestant effects. Then apply it underneath your eyes and let it during 10 to 20 minutes.
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It gives you shiny and strong hair
We often ignore the benefits of the tea on our hair. Indeed this concoction can bring shininess and can strengthen the hair. Prepare some tea, and then let it cool off. After doing your shampoo and before putting your conditioner on, rinse your hair with the tea. Choose the tea according to the effect you want: green tea will fight against hair loss as black tea will make your hair darker and will give it more shininess.
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Nevertheless, be careful to not drink too much tea : if you do, tannins will stop your body from absorbing iron and this could bring people undesired effects such as anemia.