We live in a society that aspires to get and feel better. Over the past three years, WELL-BEING has been at the heart of concerns, a trend based on a simple will: a return to a more POSITIVE, more mastered, more GENUINE existence. SINCERELY. But building its daily life under the sign of authenticity rests on a reflective and global art of living.

As early as 2011, I had to face a PARADOX: how is it possible that in a time when so many solutions have been created to make contemporary life healthier and more balanced in so many areas, the universe of beauty fails to come up with CONCRETE answers to PROTECT THE SKIN of women in the modern world? When it is known that in urban areas, our skin has to cop with innumerable SPECIFIC aggressions against which it is absolutely not adapted to defend itself, why does nobody act the right way with appropriate solutions and routines?

It is following this evidence (and thanks to much research and experts interviews) that I decided to found NOXIDOXI: a USEFUL and INTUITIVE brand, the perfect partner of women who wish to live in this urban environment - that they chose and that they love - without having to suffer the negative and visible impacts.

MODERNIZING ITS APPROACH TO BEAUTY, to finally bring the expert care and innovations dedicated to the real and essential needs of our skin, this is the promise of Noxidoxi through its antipollution range and its problem solving triptych:

For a more RADIANT skin today, better PROTECTED tomorrow.
As simple as that.
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Noxidoxi is first and foremost an anti-pollution cosmetic skincare brand. We noticed a few things. Simple things. Clear things. Concrete things. Tangible things. And, dare we say it, obvious things.

FACT NO. 1: Today, over 80% of people around the world living in towns or cities are exposed to air quality levels that do not meet the WHO's recommendations.
FACT NO. 2: Various groups of renowned experts and dermatologists have demonstrated that pollution is responsible for some of the worst damage to health, as well as damage to the skin (something that is being increasingly highlighted). The consequences are accelerated premature skin ageing and a certain number of visible signs.
FACT NO. 3: Pollution is increasingly being pinpointed as harmful - between the dirtying effect of greasy, sticky hydrocarbons and the negative impact of micro particles on blood microcirculation actually within undernourished, asphyxiated cells.
OUR CONCLUSION: We need targeted products! And it's getting urgent. People are well-aware of the issue: 90% of French consumers who use cosmetic products believe pollution has a real impact on their skin.

Modern living has changed with the times: phone apps to make life easier, healthy eating, detox sports. But what about our skin and beauty routines?
Our skin is subjected to aggressors that it was never designed to have to face. Full of toxins, ill-equipped and overwhelmed, it's time to take back control and embrace a modern approach to skincare.

Noxidoxi has taken a stance based on the expertise involved in this approach, one that includes 3 steps:
incorporated into a minimalist yet highly targeted, natural range.

Our three steps provide a comprehensive solution to the three key needs that must be met for restructured, repaired, rebalanced, re-nourished, protected and optimally healthy skin.

To back up our claims, we've got research and development, patents, innovative formulas and complexes, clinical trials carried out on ultra-high-dosage formulas, all wrapped up in a community-minded, 100% Made in France package.

And the icing on our cosmetic cake: optimism, empathy, closeness, joie de vivre and good humour to continue designing the beauty products of tomorrow with a smile on our lips and a sparkle in our eyes!
At Noxidoxi, we believe in pampering whilst having fun, talking beauty without getting too serious, innovating without bluffing, developing and exchanging without patronising, and growing together.
That's how we run things over in our #pollutiondetox community, creating a vibe as fresh as our skin, keeping the glow going all year round!


You're a woman ?
You live in a town or city (or you may as well!) ?
You like to keep things natural (and beautiful), but a little helping hand wouldn't go amiss ?
There's nothing you'd like more than three easy steps to achieving 24/7 effortlessly radiant skin ?
You must be a Noxidoxi woman.

Welcome to #pollutiondetox! You're among friends here, a community ready to welcome you.

Noxidoxi's motto is: keeping things simple, using just a little to achieve a lot.

We've designed a minimalist range that targets all the bad things you want to keep at bay. Forget blemish after blemish, redness, tight, dry skin, and kiss fine lines and premature dehydration lines goodbye. Get ready for as much dewy radiance and glow as you can handle!

Noxidoxi is a nourishing smoothie for the skin, a yoga session for cells, a Pilates class for collagen, all in three easy steps.
We know you and we want you to be able to incorporate our products into your busy schedules. From now on, you'll need no more than 20 minutes every morning and night to keep looking beautiful thanks to our super minimalist range packed full of concentrated, targeted formulas that are as effective as they come, for a foolproof beauty routine.

Noxidoxi sees itself as your loyal beauty ally, bringing you your very own custom-made solution that meets your needs and high standards and fits in with your hectic lifestyle. Challenge accepted!
Let's get you started with your #  programme. Follow our guide.