« The essential and nothing else. »

Even the title does not let any superfluous interfere ! Fumio Sasaki deliciously explains how he succeeds to reach the most extreme fullness by eliminating everything that bothers its gaze, its energy and its life ! As well as Marie Kondo’s best-seller (“Magic of cleaning”), Japanese minimalists were the precursors of a movement that tends to hurt states of mind that have been deeply focused on the “Fast Fashion” for years and on the frenetic and impulsive consumption. The success of the documentary called “Minimalism, a documentary about important things” would not fool you. Go to the essential, not to turn back but to go forward. Stand back, to better jump. Towards tomorrow, or another tomorrow. Being more “zen”, true, authentic, calming, creative, positive.

Every of these aspects of life inspire us here at Noxidoxi, and help us to always imagine what could be the future in the best way possible, for you and your aspirations. Our ideas for 2018 will focus on this essential that we cherish since the brand’s creation. Stuffed with innovations, common sense and delight. So let’s go, with a clear gaze and a calm spirit. And the whole team, who works at this moment on the advent calendar, to offer you surprises each day, joins me to wish you the best December possible full of joy and excitement before the big jump towards a new step…

Good mood, good vibes, great moments! Planned for 2018: 100% “well-being”. See you soon!