Soups, pumpkin pies, and other recipes made from the famous pumpkins are taking over our plates in this season. Halloween gave it the “GO”, and it was then Thanksgiving’s turn to put it under the spotlights. But we mostly like this orange squash for its numerous benefits. Rich in vitamins but also in minerals, its pulp moisturizes, nourishes and softens dry skins and stimulates the scalp. This vegetable is also antioxidant and helps us fight against oxidant stress. But to enjoy its virtues, you need to have some recipes! Here are some tips to strengthen and illuminate your hair and skin!

Recipe #1: Face scrub & mask

Here is a recipe for a really soft scrub that can also be used as a mask to multiply the good effects on your skin. First of all, you need: ¼ cup of pumpkin pulp, 1 egg, some teaspoons of honey, some drops of cranberry juice. Mix everything together in a bowl, and apply the mixture on your face. Rub the whole surface of your skin, and then leave on during 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. The honey will help the natural hydration of the skin but not only: its antibacterial properties will help you prevent all small infections and external aggressions. The cranberry juice give to your homemade mixture an astringent effect.

Recipe #2: Homemade body scrub

In order to deeply nourish and hydrate your skin, while getting rid of dead skin, we suggest a recipe for a homemade body scrub mostly made of pumpkin. Simply mix together the pumpkin pulp and brown sugar. Apply it on your skin with circular motions. Insists on the driest areas such as:  elbows, knees, calves and heels. Rinse. The brown sugar give you the scrub effect helping your skin get softer and rid of toxins.

Recipe #3: Enveloping and hydrating body cream.

This hydrating cream can be used before the homemade body scrub since it is necessary to rinse it. To make this body cream, mix together: ½ cup of cooked and smashed pumpkin, ½ cup of coco milk and ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Gently apply the mixture on your whole body. Leave it on your skin as long as possible and rinse it afterwards. The hydrating effect of the pumpkin and of the coco milk offer your skin a soft touch you will never find anywhere else.

Recipe #4: Brightening hair mask

Last but not least, here is a recipe for a hair mask to give brightness and flexibility to your hair but also to hydrate dry ends. To make this mask here are the steps to follow: pour 1 cup of pumpkin pulp, ½ cup of yoghurt and 2 spoons of honey in a bowl. After mixing all the ingredients together, apply it on your hair, from roots to the ends. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse with your regular shampoo. Say hello to nourished and bright hair!

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