Cold, germs, fatigue … autumn is now really here and announces winter’s arrival. We are now looking for remedies to keep our body in a good shape.  So you might ask yourself: how can I do to bring only good elements to my body in order to face the cold winter in the best condition possible? 

We have a solution to help you prepare to winter’s arrival: eat 5 main fruits/vegetables that are essential for an autumn detox. Ready? 

#1 Lemon: this fruit has numerous virtues that are great for your body. It helps it get rid of toxins, it washes digestive system and stimulates your immune systems. Moreover this is a natural appetite suppressant. This citrus is also really helpful to fight against stress and depression.
Little tip to use this fruit in the best way possible? You can dilute it in hot water in the morning, ¼ lemon for one glass of water. Main results? It will hydrate and detoxify your body and will boost your immune system, clean your skin and can also help you lose weight!

#2 Apple : Rich in fibers and poor in calories, this wonderful fruit will bring you antioxidants helping you fight against many types of aggressions. Just as the lemon, it is also a natural appetite suppressant and we highly recommend you to eat it with its skin because this is where all the vitamins are held, and BIO if possible to avoid eating all the pesticides… Anti-cholesterol, anti-diabete, this fruit also has magic powers that will help you keep a balanced nervous system.
You can eat it as the main element of a monidiet when you feel like you need to eliminate all toxins from your body. A monodiet ? Yes you can do it ! During two days, apple will be your main and only source of nutrition. Consume it without moderation and every time you are hungry. It will be powerful If you add an important consumption of tea and water in order to detoxify deeply your organism.

#3 Pineapple: This exotic fruit will be your best friend against water retention. And in this cold time, when our throats are being tested, this beautiful yellow fruit will help you heal your throat pain. Added to this, the pineappele is full of advantages: good for the bones, it seems like it helps to fight against cancer. Real anti-inflammatory, it prevents us from having a cold and from infections.
The best combo: a detox drink that will also burn fat, a mix of pineapple, lemon and ginger, these three elements will bring you their detox and weight-loss effects. Ready? Mix all together 1 glass of pineapple cut in pieces, 1 lemon, some rasped ginger, 6 leaves of mint and 2 cups of water. Sieve the mixture to get only the liquid part. Your detox juice is now ready to be tasted!

#4 Carrots: This autumn vegetable is well known for its power to give people a nice skin tone even during winter if you consume it on a regular basis. Full of antioxidants and rich in potassium, the carrot encourages the renal drainage and regulates the transit thanks to its fibers.  This vegetable rich in carotenoids is playing a major role in the elimination of toxins. It also helps to get rid of bad cholesterol and moreover it contains only 41 calories for 100 grams!
Unlike the apple, to benefit from the best effects possible, you can eat carrots within a specific diet during 2 to 3 weeks. The concept? Put carrots in all your meals: it can be a carrot juice at breakfast, shredded carrots at lunch or even a carrot soup at diner. If you keep it up, your body and your skin will thank you!

#5 Artichoke: This half-season vegetable is mostly consumed as a bud. Its leaves and its hearts are full of nutriments that are great for your health: rich in fibers, in vitamins and mineral, it also has antioxidant virtues. It efficiently helps in the liver and cells regeneration.
If you don’t like to eat it only with some sauce, today we give you another way to consume it. Here is a home-made recipe of an herbal tea that will bring you a concentrate of nutriments:  infuse 2 to 5 grams of fresh artichoke leaves during 15 minutes in a cup of hot water.  Strain it and your drink is ready! During a detox diet, we advise you to drink this herbal tea three times a day, with once on the morning before eating anything else. 

Your body is now ready for an efficient autumn detox cure, and you now have all the tips to diversify your diet. And your skin? To prepare it in the best way possible for winter, go check our detox range of beauty products Noxidoxi !