On November 8th is celebrated the international day of urbanism. This day aims to celebrate and pay tribute to urban projects and to what they bring to their local collectivities.

The world is constantly changing and on the following day of the opening of the COP 23 it is necessary to realize that each industry can be affected by ecological innovations helping our world to become more sustainable. In order to show you that it is actually possible to be ecological, even in the biggest cities of the world, we have listed below 3 of the main biggest ecological and architectural projects in the world.  Who said that urbanism and modernity could not rhyme with environmental respect?

#1 Bank of Amercia’s Tower

Stop to stereotypes! Buildings of big American businesses and banks are not always only made of concrete wall, they can also be built based on the environmental respect. Today considered as one of the “greenest” buildings in the worlds, the Bank of America’s Tower, in the center of Manhattan, was built from recyclable and recycled materials. Rainwater reused, tower heated by the sun, windows specially built and thought to bring the most natural light possible: this tower, actually 3rd highest tower in the world, uses renewable energies in order to provide to its occupants a sustainable energy. Who said a building cannot be “green” in the very center of New York City? 

#2 CH2 Melbourne’s city hall

In Australia, the environmental topic matters a lot nowadays, and Melbourne decided to take on this topic and to act in consequence. Recognized by the United Nations as one of the most ecological building in the worlds, Melbourne’s city hall CH2 was built from recycled materials and especially thought to reduce its environmental impact. Regarding the energy used by its occupants, it (of course) comes from technical facilities especially created for the situation: photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, reused rainwater… This building is a way to show that sustainability is accessible when we make some efforts. 

#3 Shanghai Tower

This tower was a 120 floor challenge: combining height, strength and environmental respect was the main goal. This skyscraper of 632 meters high was built on the idea of using all natural external conditions in order to provide the energy needed for its best functioning to its occupants. 2nd highest tower in the world, the ultimate goal of this construction was to combine in the best way possible ecology and energy economy by using the latest “green” technological innovations. Today considered as one of the most ecological building in the world, its challenged is all faced!

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