Do local, act local, share local!

Noxidoxi is based in Bordeaux and happy to share its adventures with other local brands sharing the same values!

When we met Séverine, Stéphanie and Catherine, we could only say yes. Yes to the “Comptoirs des Quartiers” adventure, yes to share our innovations with their customers from Bordeaux and many other places!

Quality, trust and pleasure. Values shared everyday throughout our products and our speech.

We decided to reference NOXIDOXI in each Comptoir des Quartiers, you will find there the entire range on our cute designed counter display made of 100% natural wood, with our #pollutiondetox, the strong Noxidoxi base line.

Based on individual, unique and sincere recommendations, just as we like it, every shop is working well thanks to their passionate owners. And thanks to them, this passion is spreading through Bordeaux and its countryside (and even further).

So, you want to take care of yourself, of your beauty and be sure to spend a great moment? Go! With beautiful clothes to complete your dressing, you will for sure fall in love with nice pieces!

You also want a fresh skin and face to go along with your new beautiful clothes? Don’t worry, we are taking care of this.

Detox, care and a complete « new skin » effect? Ask each one of the owners: they all tested the products before they said YES to our proposal! They all love it and are addicted to our range! Each one of them became our “beauty detox” ambassador.

They all have their favorite product: from the Make-up remover (loved in Libourne and Caju) to the Revolution Eye Gel² (right Saint Médard!), but also with the Pollution protection lip treatment and the Serum pollution blocker (also available in Bastide, Saint Loubès, Mondésir and of course Saint Augustin).

To discover our products, in case you were still hesitating, you will find the ideal Travel Kit with our 3 essentials (20ml each for 1 month of complete and soft care). Glowy skin guaranteed!

There are now 2 beautiful stories that are walking side by side. Simplicity, conviviality, beauty and most of all … great mood and happiness!

Let’s meet you there?