Watch your thoughts as they become your words. Watch your words, as they become your actions. Watch your actions as they become your habits. Watch your habits as they become your character. Watch your character as it becomes your destiny.


Where are we? 60,000 thoughts a day for a human kind! 2500 thoughts per hour, which is practically 1 thought per second!

STOP! Unless you put your life into an accelerated version such as in movie, you really have to do something because, frankly, it's boring...

In fact, all the concepts have a SLOW version: from the slow motion (haha), now the slow dating mode, and of course - we could not miss it - slow cosmetic. We even have slow shopping at Sainsbury (for the older ones), and even soon we could have slow cashiers in supermarkets to recreate the social link with our dear cashiers who were already said to be half-dead (no, this is not not a joke, just a good idea from the University of Hertfordshire). Ahhh, happiness of this slow life, hold on.

So watch out ladies and gentlemen: early adopters, trendy boys and girls, ultras of the latest trend and trendy of the last hour, soon, running, surfing on your smartphone, express dates, lunch on the go, being overbooked or supra speed will be very very has been. Out. Off.

Be in. And take the SLOW train!

Strangely, we do it very well. At Noxidoxi, we have already signed for it. And you?

Let us quote Voltaire: "The world with slow progress towards the wisdom". Let's go new wise people!