Noxidoxi and Yoga is a true love story! For a healthy mind, soul & body!

Already conquered by Newake first edition at Yoga with you, we reiterated with our partnership at the Yoga Bliss Festival and continued this summer with the Baya Summer Tour 2017 on the most beautiful french beaches.

That morning, we started at 5:45 am. We were partners of the event, #YEAH!, And particularly motivated! It's still dark, we meet at Yoga Pop Bordeaux with Aleksandra and Emilie, the 2 ambassadors.

Received by Lauren, our yoga teacher, fresh and smiling, so chic. Miracle Morning! It makes you feel good as soon as your brain has taken its 5 minutes to emerge, and you feel suddenly more alive than usually.

Here we are, left for 45 minutes of postures, discovering a new yoga lesson with a partner to stretch you by counter weight and find your balance hands up on one foot. #solidarity. We breathe, we stretch, we relax, we concentrate. Why do not we do that every morning?

Then, we follow a course on "Giving meaning to its life" where the pillars of Chinese medicine remind you that doing good and taking care of oneself, being indulgent, listening, and benevolent remains the best antidote against stress and disease. Everything is said.

Now it's the #YUMMY moment. We love it. Ultra healthy breakfast by Emilie from C’est si bon nutrition. It's good for the body and the mind. Cereals with buckwheat, cranberries, banana, vanilla, or red fruits with our favorite detox tea.

We do not move anymore. We discuss. We observe. All the good waves are gathered and we are so happy to have had the courage to come and share this very privileged moment.

It's our NOXIDOXI time: YES! Totebag offered for all, participants will have the pleasure to discover our emblematic product, our unique 3 in 1 lip treatment! It exfoliates, moisturizes the lips, and protects them from the pollution particles. We do not forget to invit them at our Beauty Afterwork # 2 for the launch of our newest Smart Make-up, the Blur & Care!

The day finally dawned. A last glance under this large glass roof, the sublime room, its blue wall, its clear wood floor. And these yogis, rejoiced and relaxed. We can start the day!

Thank you Newake, thanks Yoga Pop Bordeaux, thank you girls, thank you Yoga. Thanks to me. Thanks and see you soon!