No filter, more selfies! This is the October’s rallying cry! Promises are made to be kept.

Here is our latest innovation, our magic Blur: a miracle blurring cream + a detoxifying skin care. A Blur? A care? The “Blur and Care” of course! An oxygenating active ingredient mixed with volatile technical elastomers which let your skin breath. 

Common sense and attentiveness paved the way to it: you asked, we worked hard, and we are today able to deliver to you the best of Glamour with the First Class Protection new care. Ultimate shield for your skin, block these cunning particles, show the best of yourself and reveal your beauty.

Yes! Compromise is widespread. Have a quick look to our world and hot topics. Threats (hurricanes, terrorism) increasing number defies our ability to trust each other in a such complex environment, when, at the opposite, the will to recreate social ties has never been so strong ; we never have been so connected when the number of digital detox retreats trend is booming!

What conclusion ? FREEDOM. Freedom to claim and assume our contradictions that have been going on for some time, and even characterize each one of us, and even our individuality. Showing our face and collecting selfies when we want to, hiding and disappearing to find peace when we need it. We are all multiple and even dual sometimes.

We claim and look for a life which respects our inner selves. The “Gut feel” knows a big come back! This is certainly because it is our best protection from social pressure and current world versatility. For this kind of shield learn to trust yourself more and better. For your Skin purpose, trust us as Noxidoxi will always be here to protect you from all these bad sides of our modern life. You can count on us to be and stay your best partner.

The tree loses its leaves at the time of the Autumn season to save energy and better get through the harsh winter season. Think about it: learn to get rid of all what is not good for you. It takes courage but bare in mind that all trees see their leaves growing back in the spring, so, nothing redhibitory here, only a good way to renew yourself. For the best.