Here we go again! The famous back to work, our computer, our perfect outfit, our pink, mustard or blue book- notes on our beautiful (and still tidy!) desk...

It’s a great time for opportunities! Throwing on the paper board everything we ask for: strategy, crazy dreams, delusions, brainstorming that ONLY summer brings, with its madness and fresh enthusiasm.

What drives energy? We need it a lot here: taking a step back to overcome the evidences, the biases, the already-seen, the imposed figures. Everything that prevents the BRUT from hatching, the idea of revealing itself as it is, rich, new and innovative. So, we did that! We put everything down. We said it all. We sorted! The best we never had. And organization has given way to excitement ... then to impatience. And now, we are looking forward to sharing!

In the last quarter of 2017, we offer you a launch that is off the path and combines the best of beauty with the best protection, all with glamor ... Not to mention our south west local action that grows more and more with the opening of a chain of corners in the region, to keep meeting you, more often, to make the relationship always more real and concrete.

And for fun, always, we mix healthy & fun with a partnership with Newake to wake up smoothly in September, followed by a fashion show with our new partner Comptoir des Quartiers. Red carpet please!

When I was a child, I was often told, "You can only be good by doing what you love." I always believed in it. Strongly. So, let's do together that pleases us, what inspires us. Let's continue to build OUR little story together.

Cheese! Welcome back to work !