Rich in magnesium, antioxidant, vitamins C and B and in active enzymes, the dragon fruit is the new fruit to absolutely add to your shopping list.

But you might wonder why …

1. This fruit is antioxidant. Its everyday consumption slows down the ageing process of the cells in the organism. If you try it, you will for sure see the effects on your skin since this “super” fruit contributes to neutralize the elements causing the apparition of early wrinkles. 

2. It contains vitamins, a source of energy for your immune system. The vitamins B and C that you absorb thanks to you alimentation help hundreds of processes in your organism. 

3. Highly concentrated in magnesium, the pitaya is the dreamed ally against stress and will help you to relax and have a better sleep. 

You want a detox treatment? Put some dragon fruit in your dishes! This fruit, full of fibers, will help you on your intestinal transit, and using it is a good way to clean your body from the inside. And for an optimum effect, we recommend you to eat some for breakfast or before your different meals throughout the day.

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