We all like summer. Probably because it means cocktails, afternoon laying in the sand, heat, escape … but more than everything else, summer also means: tan skin! This is the ultimate goal of every woman during summer: having a tan skin looking bright and fabulous. Another ultimate goal is also to keep this tan as long as possible. 

Holidays are over but you don’t have to say goodbye to the beautiful result of hours spent outside. Guess what? Noxidoxi gives you 2 solutions to keep your summer tan.

1/ SCRUB: Scrub won’t make your golden tan go away, but it will helps your get rid of every dead cells that are stuck at the surface of your skin and giving you this dull skin. With a scrub, you will brighten and smooth your skin more than ever. So do not hesitate anymore and go make your tan look great again!

PS: For a better scrub and cleaning choose a product with grain inside. The detox scrub & 1 minute mask from Noxidoxi contains these silica micro-beads helping you get rid of the dead cells.

2/ SKIN HYDRATION: It is also really important to moisturize your skin to avoid losing your tan… Our tip? Use the super duo : antipollution serumradiance booster cream every morning and night.

After that, you are glowing, gorgeous!