August? Already? "Beach please! "

Finally ! The holidays ... Leaving, hair in the wind and smile on the lips (plumped thanks to Noxidoxi lip care, of course!)

«Travel kit please! »3 essentials in a small package, cuter you die! Because we deserve our detox beauty cure, wherever we are, wherever we go.

And then, the 100% fresh 100% glowy and healthy attitude, it's trendy, and that makes smile!

So open your eyes this summer because you will find avalanche of good news because we love to see your moral looking good : summer game to win the famous travel kit, and a mini fisheye lense for smartphone to shoot your best memories. As they say, the most beautiful film to print is the one of the heart.

Relax baby! Keep calm, and detox!

We are there for you, but startups also need a little break and our offices will be closed the week of August 15.

We kiss you very hard and we meet again very quickly for really LOTS of new products next month ...