A famous proverb says that « knowing other is only knowledge, knowing oneself, it is intelligence ». To understand oneself, nothing is better than traveling. Direction « elsewhere ». Perfect moment to get Noxidoxi Travel Kit with the 3 beauty essentials ON SALE this month. Let’s go for three weeks of holidays without worrying about beauty. Everything is in this little box of 8 cm by 10. Let’s discover new horizons. Pssst … you will also get, as gift, our protection shield mist, THE summer product. Every purchase online is 1 FREE travel size spray to slip in your bag!

It is not necessary to cross the world to marvel yourself and explode your carbon footprint. Here in Bordeaux, we dicover everyday real little nuggets, and create solid links with passionated people. In June, we were partner of the Bliss Yoga Festival, we have new corners, shops, concept stores to find our products: beautiful partnerships and events we can't wait to talk to you… 

Sharing values to grow together ? This is the challenge we have chosen and we are talking about it regularly. The trend of « true » keeps going on ! And that’s good. 

The old beliefs that have been drowned out by the biggest ones are falling one by one: lying ingredients compositions gradually banned, indecent prices to cover exorbitant advertising costs presented as a guarantee of quality desacralized by the latest sincere and in progress startup, semi innovations of simple products (especially falsely anti-pollution ...) competed by real ideas, or photoshopped pictures against insidiously guilty reality for decades replaced by real life ambassadors.

You say more and more "no" to all this bullshit and we are so proud of you! It seems that the rules are now gradually coming from the consumer side, and that gives us wings to continue on this path. Listen to you. Share. Respect. Build. (Re) Invent.

And if you want to talk with us, our office is open to you in "click & collect" mode through the eshop and we will be there to tell you more about ourselves and our products, in all transparency, good faith and even friendship. 

Will you come? Tea or coffee ?