Don’t forget! Appearance does not matter: this aquatic plant contains only good elements, minerals, amino acids and even vitamins. A punchy cocktail that makes alga the queen of the beauty products.

Algae are known for years for their nutritional and therapeutical properties: the purple laver is mostly known for its moisturizing and re-mineralizing properties, the brown seaweed is known to appease and calm the skin, and finally the green alga is known to be really nourishing and rich in magnesium.

At Noxidoxi, we think that it is essential to use what nature can give us, and we did not forget algae, and we decided to include it in many of our formulas. 

In our Revolution Eye Gel², find it for its decongestion effect reducing eye puffiness and eye-dark circles in a few minutes only. The brown seaweed erases the “tired look” that everyone hates thanks to its tonic action on the skin and gives us a fresh look.

We can find its anti-oxidant properties in the pollution blocker face mist. Alga protects the skin from the pollution attacks and from the ageing process of the skin as an anti-oxydant.

Each formula of the Noxidoxi products is made of 90% natural ingredients, because nature can give us what is best for our skin. Find the whole Noxidoxi product range at soft prices during sales.