Our skin is very sensitive and reacts to every small aggression coming from the inside and the outside. Well, indeed, if you did not know, we can confirm you that your diet has an impact on your skin.

1. Drinking 1L of water per day gives you a shiny skin

TRUE: Not only Noxidoxi’s products give you a shiny and smooth skin. Water inside your body helps with blood circulation, which is essential in the process to have a beautiful skin. A dehydrated skin becomes red, dry and loses its brightness. This is why it is important to drink at least 1L of mineral water per day, rich in nutriments, oligo elements and mineral salt.

2. Green tea slows down ageing signs

TRUE: Green tea is one of the infusions that contain the more antioxidant. It has protective properties that help facing the daily aggression, reducing the first signs of ageing. Its high concentration of tannic acid helps reducing the puffiness and the inflammation of the skin. 

3. The “coffee-break” helps fighting against acne

FALSE: Coffee has many properties, but unfortunately not the one that fights against acne. It is a natural antioxidant that helps to fight against damaging elements that accelerate the early ageing process of the skin. This is also an efficient scrub thanks to its ground grain. The mechanical action of the scrub will help you get rid of skin’s dead cells. 

4. Sugar accelerates the ageing skin process

TRUE: 2 proteins assure the skin elasticity: elastin and collagen. An important dose of sugar will have an effect on these 2 proteins, it will stiffen them. Then, the proteins won’t be able to work correctly anymore. Consequences? Wrinkles start to appear on your face.

5. Excess are highly recommended

FALSE: Too bad … excess are so good sometimes! If you have a sensitive liver that has troubles getting rid of toxins, excess of sugar, salt or fat be careful! Even the consumption of alcohol has a visible effect on your skin. You can still enjoy good things, but with moderation if you don’t want to see the bad effects appear!

Now you know what is true or not. You are ready to have a diet that will have a positive effect on your skin. And to help you with this too, we encourage you to start using Noxidoxi’s beauty products for a detoxified and protected skin.