Let's open this editorial with a provocative theme: EGOISM!
Summer is finally here, with its best friend: the sun ... We are obsessed, thinking of holidays, varnishing our toes, seeking our sandals to match with, finding the best spots for the next after works and perfecting the tanning in emergency on the balcony to avoid the white legs.
In short: we look at our own navel!
And we say YES! Yes to the pleasure and the crazy desires of happiness! Yes to the mood "I am 15 in summer, every year, and it's GOOD!"
To prove it, we will send full of sunshine news on Le Mag, our webzine, offer you crazy promos on our summer sales for an ultra-fresh skin, and launch our shields operation, indispensable and mandatory, face and hair!
This is not enough? You are so tough...
OK ! Don’t worry, keep an eye out ... On our socials, not only products but also goodies "Yuppies!": fish eye camera to take your friends in picture, pouch to bring to the 4 corners of the world without forgetting your beauty essentials, and as a bonus your special beauty bag to hide your wet swim suit!
Well, after that, we will need time to work because September... it's already tomorrow! And we still have hard work to do... #surprises #backtowork
We leave you with your daydreams: but don’t forget to follow us on the socials: we tell you more in preview, and we love having your opinion. Besides being nice, it gives us courage.
Very good month of June to all!!!