Not only is your skin suffering from the ambient pollution… but your hair too! Particles matters settle on your hair and penetrate it deeply. This is why they break or lose their brightness. It is time to ACT, NOW!

We know how much you care about your hair! This is why it is essential to take care of it as much as you do for your skin. What are the different steps? Follow us:

1/ Clean them: Wash your hair with a shampoo adapted to your type. A not adapted shampoo will weaken them and they will become less resistant to pollution. Detoxify deeply your hair by offering them a tailor-made care.

2/ Moisturize them: An important step for a beautiful hair. Full of water, your hair will be brighter and softer if you moisturize well. 

3/ Last but not least: protection! With a protective shield, particles matters won’t enter and your hair will not become greasy as fast as they used to be.

For every step, Noxidoxi have the perfect product, the best ally for long days: the detox hair mist, protection and brightness guaranteed, containing 97% natural ingredients.

Its protective and regenerating complex highly dosed ensure an optimum efficacy: its artichoke extract deeply detoxifies and purifies the hair.

The acetic acid from apple cider vinegar closes and tightens hair cuticles. Hair does not break anymore and particles do not penetrate anymore. 

Aloe vera moisturizes and protects while coating the hair with a protective and natural pellicle. The hair is now smooth and soft.

For an optimum efficacy, apply the hair mist every morning and use it along the day. The mist does not make your hair greasy, and its thin pellicle guarantees zero frizzes and a maximal brightness. 

Beauty tip: apply the mist before your brushing for a super bright effect.

Find the Noxidoxi hair mist in the Beautiful morning duo pack!