Why using pollution detox scrub & 1 minute mask is your new beauty routine?

If most of women apply moisturizers on a daily basis, scrubbing or doing a mask is not quite adopted for the moment. Nevertheless this beauty ritual is complementary to your skincare routine! Noxidoxi tell you everything about the pollution detox scrub & mask to persuade you that this beauty essential has many considerable benefits.

Why should I apply a face scrub or a mask?

Environmental aggressions like pollution particles obstruct your skin, it thickens, and pores are getting clogged and lack in oxygen. This is how imperfections appear. The scrub’s main objective is to get rid of all the dead cells that are sticking to the skin’s surface giving us this dull skin. On the other side, the mask deeply detoxifies the skin and gives all the brightness back.

Our pollution detox does scrub and mask, as a 2 in 1 essential with 3 main actions of the scrub & mask:

1/ It helps getting rid of all the dead skin, thanks to its silica micro-beads the skin is instantly softer.

2/ It helps the skin getting rid of all the toxins and unclog pores thanks to the salicylic acid action: the skin feels smoother.

3/ The asparlyne and the self-massage technology boost the blood micro-circulation and oxygens the skin.

The formula is made of 96% natural ingredients. Only good elements for your skin, and bye bye imperfection and dull skin! Your skin is now ready to absorb skincare.

How to use the scrub & mask?

Some mask can take time … don’t worry, Noxidoxi figured it out!

We recommend you to use it at night only, because it is during night that cells regeneration is occurring as well as the reconstruction of the cutaneous barrier. While we are resting, our skin is making its renewal.

Use the Noxidoxi scrub & mask twice a week, once as a mask and once as a scrub for a complete action.

Scrub: Moisten your face, take a small amount of cream and exfoliate your face and focus particularly on the T zone (forehead, side of the nose and chin). Wash out everything.

Mask: Moisten your face, take a small amount of cream and spread it out on your face. Wait 1 to 5 minutes and then wash out everything.

You will not feel any dehydration; your skin will be bright and smooth.

For a detoxified and clean skin, find out more about our Clean&Glow duo here.