"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!" was Hippocrates’ timeless used saying… now back up to date!
Beauty has changed from an OUT to an INNER mode.
Before, beauty ideals were driven by fashion industry codes, imagination and types of dreaming visuals. Today, the #healthy #food hash tags in beauty are the new rule! Germinated seeds shoot, fermented citrus fruits instagram posts, multitudes of marbled oils are boasting radiant skin and fresh complexion !
Various scandals about endocrine disruptors and other hidden poisons have created confusion, but above all, apprehension. The new generation, more educated, wants truth. Health before beauty? Not quite, but now both MUST cohabit, and for good reasons.
Women no longer accept to be duped and so, claim information and transparency. When will we get WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) cosmetics concepts? INCI smallest lists for formulas we could even eat for breakfast! The trend is at stake. Pedagogy is making its way, institutions are growing. Getting mature. Let's keep pushing and healthy proposals will flourish and grow, also preserving what is precious in cosmetics, i.e. pleasure and beauty.
Some complain because it is an industrial and marketing earthquake. Here, we are truly delighted. Noxidoxi has always been working with its partners to gain ground in this direction. Already more than 90% of natural origin ingredients from our products, even 99% for some of them! But sometimes, science and change takes time, and one cannot sometimes easily create a new common policy overnight.
Let's continue to demand and expect the best in safety, consumers as professionals, and our turn will come. And, finally, the most honest of us will be rewarded for their efforts and even more for getting and keeping straight with ethic...