Focus on the pollution blocker serum!

A serum? But what for? Should I use it instead of my moisturizing cream? Before? After ? Both at the same time ? And when ? But also why?

Calm down, we’ll explain everything.

Even though they are complementary, the serum and the cream do not have the same functions on the skin. The serum is highly concentrated on elements boosting the epidermis. The pollution blocker serum nourishes and deeply restructures the skin. It is even more efficient when our skin is particularly dehydrated (during the season change for example).

A serum, but what is it for?

ultra-fluid serum is perfect to treat every skin issues like sebum excess, dilated pores, dryness, wrinkles apparition, redness, loss of brightness…

Our serum has a 360° formula which not only restructures the skin but nourishes it too, gives it brightness and unify the grain. Wonderful, right?

To use it, nothing is easier:

First of all, it is important to mention that you must use the serum every morning and night, BEFORE the moisturizing cream!

First: At night, remove your make up and perfectly clean your skin to get rid of all the dead cells and pollution particles with the detox cleanser.

Second: Pour a few drops on your palm to heat the texture and then carefully apply it on your whole face.

Third: You will be able to apply your moisturizing cream after 1 minute, when the serum has been absorbed by your skin.

Small tip: For a “wahou” effect on your skin, our face serum can also be used as a “sleeping mask” once a week with a thicker pellicle. You will for sure have a ultra-hydrated skin.

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