Sport and well-being have been an important part of our daily lives for some years now: “Sane spirit in a healthy body” this is all us!

Nevertheless, if girls have found their happiness in the “athleisure”, cosmetics industry starts also to follow the trend. Many cosmetics can help girls with their leisure: red faces, pouring mascara … while doing sports, girls are unfortunately never ready for an unexpected encounter.

We obviously like to take care of our body and do some sports, but we also would love to be able to keep a nice fresh face, beautiful eyes and nice hair during the effort … Is it too much to ask for?

Good news for your girls! The beauty market starts growing in this direction, and brands start to adapt themselves to your needs. Here comes the athbeauty, the big trend of the 2017 beauty market!

Waterproof make-up, face and hair care and sane components that fit to our life rhythm: here are the secret of the athbeauty. Beauty brands worked on this and created fun and colorful products that last and fight against bad effects of the sun but also against the bad effects of the pollution. 

Doing some sport inside big cities also means dealing with pollution that keeps us away from breathing normally and that aggress our skin. Fighting against this phenomenon by using natural and sane components, here is a true bonus for our health!

The athbeauty, and in a more global way the “active beauty”, is today an emerging trend that tends to become a real market. When innovation, wellbeing and beauty are here, we have no more excuses to put on our snickers or our bathing suit.

For you, we made a selection of the “must haves” for your next running session:

Some detox tips before your session:

1. Apply the radiance booster detox face cream to moisturize and protect your skin. 

Main goal: detoxify, care, repair and protect the skin against pollution and  daily aggression coming from the outside.

2. Vaporize the detox hair mist on your hair.

Main goal: Protect your hair from dirt and the bad sides generated by pollution.

Think about taking with you in your bag the pollution blocker face mist and the pollution protection lip 3 in 1 treatment. To be applied during and after your session.

Ready? Go!!!