Interior decoration books and Instagram accounts are blooming and we can now find some great inspiration for a green and vegetal decoration! And we love it!

For almost a year now, this trend is growing and attracts even more: terrariums, cactus and many other started to be more present in people’s homes thanks to the DIY (do it yourself) movement that allows people to realize a decoration that fits to what they really want. 

These plants do not have only decorative properties, but they also have depolluting qualities that will help you purify the ambient air in your house. And in bonus, this is a really nice and original decoration idea!

Nevertheless be careful to not put any plant in your bedroom: at night, plants are absorbing oxygen and getting out CO2 which can be harmful for you. 

But this is the only point that you have to be aware of, for the rest feel free to fill your house with many green plants!

Interior decoration books that we recommend you:

EVERGREEN, Living with plants 

URBAN JUNGLE Living and Styling with plants 

WONDER PLANTS Young urban jungle interior