Here we are, spring is here, ours the outdoors, the little dresses and the glasses on the terrace.

At home too, it's time to put aside the fleece plaids and hot-water bottles (not very sexy isn't it ?) 

Time for housekeeping ! And not just any one, one that does not intoxicate us and preserves our beautiful nature. So we forget the detergents, the bleach and the sprays that smell (and are) very bad.

We adopt the slow attitude and forward the slow housekeeping with homemade, organic and, especially the efficient !

What about our new products?

Our best allies are those already used by our grandmothers (they are always right ...) such as white vinegar, lemon, Marseille soap, black soap, olive oil or bicarbonate. By adding a few drops of essential oils, lavender or tea tree for example, you have the perfect formula to clean every corner of the house.


Take one liter of white vinegar for its descaling and cleansing properties and add 30 drops of essential oil of your choice for the fragrance.

The whole is poured into a vaporizer and it is to eliminate all the tasks, traces of fat or limestone. Use also with a little newsprint to make your windows and mirrors shine.


Farewell spray bomb not very eco-friendly.
To prepare your product, you need: a spray, 5 tablespoons lemon juice, the same amount of olive oil, 15 drops of lemon essential oil and a soft cloth. 

Without sticking, in express drying, your wood is nourished and revived ... AMAZING ?!


Do not shout "Help" ! NO your beautiful clothes will not go out dried, deformed or feeling the ibex. And it's easier to do than you can imagine.
With 100g of Marseille soap (chips or grated), 100g of bicarbonate, 1/4 liter of white vinegar, 1/4 liter of boiling water and a few drops of essential oil, your laundry is ready!
Also think of lemon to whiten your little tops or cotton t-shirts.
There are two options: you can soak in a basin of water with lemon juice or place a few slices in a bag directly in the drum of the machine.

Simple, accessible, healthy and environmental products and formulas #pollutiondetox
And it's more economic ... Who says better?