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Cell changes are caused by a diverse range of harmful modern aggressors, with changes occurring deep within cell nuclei and even DNA.
That's why, during our quest to showcase ""Women who have changed the world"" (*) - women who have not only improved our knowledge of the world, but enabled us to achieve more harmony in our daily lives - we were touched by the story of Rosalind Franklin.
The moral of this mini biography: we realised how important it is to keep good company, but also that spreading knowledge is as important as having knowledge; building awareness of everything that the women of the past and present have given us in terms of intelligence, creativity, inventiveness, courage and strength to shape the world today as we know it, taking the best it has to offer.
(*from ""Pionnières"" by Xavière Gauthier – Edition Flammarion)

Rosalind Franklin (25 July 1920 - 16 April 1958)
Her major contributions in the field of biology improved our understanding of DNA, which contains genomes in all living beings. She was awarded her PhD in 1941, and was a researcher at the CNRS in Paris from 1946 to 1951, before moving to King's College London. She designed and built an X-ray machine with which she was able to take crystal-clear pictures of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) diffraction. This discovery was crucial to the future of mankind, with DNA lying at the heart of current research into cloning and GMOs. Maurice Wilkins, who worked with her, stole one of her images and one of the reports in which she developed her hypothesis of the helicoidal (double helix) structure of DNA, presented it and sent the precious documents to the American James D. Watson and Englishman Francis H. Crick. Together, the three researchers fine-tuned the model and were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1963 for ""their"" discovery, without ever mentioning Rosalind Franklin, who had passed away four years earlier.

So, who run the world?
What do you say? Girls!