In French, "Mars" is the month of March as well as the god of war and embodiment of brute force. Let's hope that amidst recent political scandals and sometimes baffling choices of world leaders, this month proves more forgiving than the saying coined by Shakespeare's soothsayer - "Beware the Ides of March" - would suggest.

At Noxidoxi, we've got our finger firmly on the pulse of the exciting times we live in, but we're also embracing a lighter, gentler approach to this month: "Come storm and clouds, rain or shine, March is time to prep and prime!"

Spring is on the horizon, bringing with it new buds and blossoms, and plans!

Our heads and screens are overflowing with new ideas and things to try,
and we can't get enough of all the new innovations we're seeing everywhere. But here's one that will really get you going. March will see the official launch of our very own mini Revolution: two years of research and development, six formulas optimised and tested, a project supported by BPI because of just how innovative it is, a new patent for 2016, unparalleled and unprecedented clinical effectiveness, and all this why? To treat you to the softest, most beautiful doe-eyes you've ever, umm, seen! Warning: things are going to get busy! ».

Plus our new website launch! All shiny and new! We're already in love with it. It will be a better reflection of our brand, our passion for detoxing, news, positive girl power culture, a certain joie de vivre as well as beauty and skincare, of course! There's also a loyalty scheme you're going to love.

We can't wait to hear what you think about all these latest developments. So please, write to us, share, comment: join our community. It's yours, after all. A community for you, created by you, just for you!

So much good stuff for us to share and experience with you. The world may be a fast-paced blur of activity these days - but it's also a place where we're seeing a great many heart-warming initiatives, generous gestures, projects carried through from the heart, by passionate people.

Let's show this positive energy! Today. Everyday!