50, is the average number of e-mails, received per day by an executive in a basic company. Today, 70% of French people check their mailbox every 5 minutes, 78% are connected right before sleeping and not many less at the awakening… (Le Monde)

Everything is said!

It is time to ask yourself 3 main questions, you may discover you are a WIFI, smartphone and social media addict!

1. You can’t focus and enjoy the present moment? You sometimes feel obsessed by the information immediacy? You have a certain thirst of following everything every time?

2. Do you feel like you have to be always more and more connected for every task you have to do?

3. You constantly look out for the last notification on your Facebook wall or on other social medias?

If you answered yes to at least one of the previous points, you might have contracted the FOMO syndrome meaning “Fear Of Missing Out”.

This syndrome is reflected by the irrational fear of missing something, and more particularly missing something on social media. And we have to realize today that this syndrome is not good, at all!

But curing yourself from this syndrome is not easy, especially since more and more people are acting this way, this might have become the standard. In this way, hyper-connection seems to be like a “new existential state of mind”.

But deep down inside, this doesn’t make us HAPPY. Nevertheless, happiness is what we are seeking for each day of our lives right?

But specialists insist: we have to take the control back on ourselves.

But you might wonder how? It’s actually pretty easy: force yourself to disconnect to the virtual world, and disappear from the social media world. Take the time to do so; you will quickly feel the benefits. You will feel like your freedom is back. What do we mean by freedom?

- This will enhance your creativity, by simply asking yourself questions about yourself and life. About everything or even nothing. Open your mind and start listening to yourself.

- Diversify your activities or be back to the ones you’ve loved before and that you totally ditched. For example doing sports, taking sewing classes, meeting with friends for lunch or even drinking a coffee with a good book.

- Finally and more globally, you have to connect with others and also with yourself. Maybe you will end up realizing that you are way more hedonistic than what you thought…

But be careful: this must not be a “one shot”. You have to persist and do this exercise regularly if you want it to work. At least once a month seems good, don’t you think?

And if you do not want to fall in the routine, many Spas, hotels or event detox travels websites have seen the light! This trend attracts more and more people each day and people start to realize they need to make a change to be truly happy in their life.