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Browse our anti-pollution skincare, haircare and make-up products, as well as anti-oxidant and hydrating skincare and a beauty travel kit. Protect your skin from pollution. #pollutiondetox

Clean & Glow Duo

€37.50 €27.50

Discover the 2 essentials cleansing products for a skin cleared of polluants, make-up and impurities, protected from pollution!

Beautiful Morning Duo

€41.67 €31.67

As a final beauty touch before leaving home or to slip into your bag for a detox effect at any time of the day.

Back to basics Duo

€66.67 €51.67

An antipollution beauty routine to meet the daily needs of your skin: moisturizing, glow, nutrition...

Weekend Duo

€56.67 €43.67

Ideal for traveling or on weekends, the Weekend Duo allows you to keep the skin and lips detoxified, hydrated and protected from all environmental aggressions. No matter how you are travelling.

Active Beauty Duo

€40.00 €27.00

Discover the Active Beauty Duo for active and urban lifestyle! Anti-pollution shield face mist protects your skin whatever you are doing: scooter, jogging, bike or urban walk! The pollution protection lip treatment can be used all times of the day to moisturize, smooth and protect the lips from daily aggressions.

Radiance booster detox cream 20ml


Anti-tiredness, anti-pollution hydrating and protective radiant glow face cream, perfect for travelling. Use instead of your day or night cream. Find out more about the Detox glow-boosting face cream.

Make-up and Care Duo

€39.17 €27.17

The perfect duo for a long-lasting make-up and a protected skin. The blur & care perfects and illuminates the skin tone. The pollution blocker face mist protects the skin from external aggressions and is also a great make-up fixer.

Detox cure

€87.50 €62.50

Want or NEED a new skin? Discover the 45-day detox cure. Results visible from 7 days. Skin thoroughly cleansed, detoxified, repaired and restructured.