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The Product Range

Browse our anti-pollution skincare, haircare and make-up products, as well as anti-oxidant and hydrating skincare and a beauty travel kit. Protect your skin from pollution. #pollutiondetox


Radiance booster detox cream


Anti-tiredness, anti-pollution hydrating and protective radiant glow face cream. Use instead of your day or night cream. Find out more about the "Detox glow-boosting face cream"


Revolution Eye Gel²


Eye and eye contour area gel Our anti-dark rings gel banishes tiredness and unclogs the eye contour. Embrace the "Revolution Eye Gel²"


Pollution blocker face mist

Anti-oxidant hydrating face mist with brown algae and Aloe Vera, your anti-pollution veil. Find out more about the "anti-pollution veil face mist"

Pollution blocker hair mist

Protective repairing anti-pollution mist with 97% naturally-sourced ingredients. Find out more about the "detoxifying purifying hair glossing mist"

Daily detox rescue travel kit

Beauty kit containing a cleanser, make-up remover, serum and face cream. This travel-sized detox kit is your ultimate all-in-one anti-pollution beauty routine. Find out more about the "Daily detox rescue travel kit".