Enhancing Serum Base

39,90 €
30 ml / 1,01fl.oz.
Your dose of extreme youth in just 20 seconds

The CRC6© moisturising complex keeps the surface of your skin well-moisturised while at the same time penetrating deep down to hydrate the skin cells.
In less than a second, the soft foam applicator moisturises the surface of your skin and penetrates deep down into the cells.
All-round protection thanks to the combination of an anti-inflammatory agent and an essential antioxidant. Now your skin can defend itself against the harmful effects of the outside world.

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Product Description

An ultra-soft foam applicator quick, and easy to use
Surface and deeply moisturizing
Antioxidant action to protect your skin against daily aggressions
3 assets stars

Enhancing Serum Base

Ingenious applicator :

– An on/off click system for dosage control and to prevent leakage.
– Soft foam tip for easy, pleasant and even application.

Three star ingredients :
1. Highly concentrated CRC6© complex for total hydration and tighter pores.
2. Anti-inflammatory action to protect your skin against the harmful effects of the outside world.
3. Protective antioxidant action.

Your skin’s essential needs
The Enhancing Serum Base is your morning beauty routine. Extreme conditions require an extreme solution. The Enhancing Serum Base concentrates the essential ingredients for moisturising and restructuring your skin, and provides the protection you need to maintain beautiful skin, whatever your environment.

Effective* :
– Moisture = up to + 81% immediate hydration and + 60% at 24 hours.
– Tighter pores = up to – 36% at 28 days.
– Glowing complexion = 90% of women are satisfied after testing the product.

* Clinical tests and use tests carried out by an independent laboratory on 20 female smokers for 28 days.

Apply daily, morning and evening, before your face cream
Open by twisting the cap (ON)
Gently squeeze the tube to soak ONLY the CENTER of the foam applicator
Close just after by twisting BACK the cap (OFF)
Then dab onto the “T” zone (forehead, nose, and chin)
Smooth all the serum over the entire face: you can apply safely on eye contour

If necessary, rinse the foam applicator in the water. You can also change it with the extra puff included in the pack.

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